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7 Marketing Superpowers marketmyproduct

Accelerate Business Growth with 7 Marketing Superpowers

15+ years experience in marketing FTSE 250 companies and hugely successful SMEs, distilled in to one online course that gives you the 7 marketing superpowers you need to significantly accelerate the growth of your business.     

become a market leader marketmyproduct

Become a Market Leader

We all want to be market leader, right? But did you know there’s an actual science to becoming one? In this course, we give you the exact formula you need to leave your competitors miles behind.  

do customer service marketing well marketmyproduct

Do Customer Service Marketing Well

It is easier to keep a customer than it is to find a new one. Are you running yourself ragged with lead generation? Lead generation will always be the lifeblood of a business, but way too many business owners focus purely on the front end of their sales funnel, providing poor customer service and few to zero return paths that increase the lifetime value of their customers. In this online module, we show you how to put that right.  

content marketing marketmyproduct

Content Marketing

Content is King when it comes to business growth in a digitally dominated world and Content Marketing is one of the key online marketing tools required to promote a business in a crowded marketplace. In this online course, we teach you how to develop a content strategy and create content that truly sets you apart from competitor efforts. 

develop business mission vision values marketmyproduct

Developing Your Business Vision Mission and Values

Vision, mission and values… the three things your business can’t live without. Mission, vision and values statements are crucial to communicating the ‘who, what and why’ of your business. It is not enough to feel passionate about the products and services you sell, you, your team and your customers need to consciously understand the framework that is driving your business in order to truly embrace it. In this online course, we show you how to develop all three.  

paid advertising marketmyproduct

Paid Advertising

Online advertising spend has now overtaken television. Are you riding the right waves, or missing them? Jump on board with our online course today.

mobile marketing marketmyproduct

Mobile Marketing

There are more mobile phone connections in the UK than there are people.

The amount of time we are all spending on mobile devices is growing rapidly, but very few business owners are capitalising on the marketing opportunity that provides. In this online course, we show you how.

website building marketmyproduct

Website Building Basics

WordPress is without doubt the platform of choice for business owners wanting to create professional websites or blogs at affordable prices in today’s business world. In this online course, we show you how to create your own website without having to hire a website developer or using code. You can literally be up and running with a website today.

create a marketing strategy marketmyproduct

Create a Marketing Strategy

Do you know your business, but not necessarily how to market it? Do you regularly buy ‘off the shelf’ solutions to help, but don’t always get the promised results? Then this course is for you. Marketing strategy is the most important component of business growth and if you get it right, everything else is so much easier. Learn how to do develop your business marketing strategy right here.

do your own pr marketmyproduct

Do Your Own PR

PR is the most misunderstood of all the marketing disciplines and yet it is fast becoming one of the most important for business growth. Take our online course and learn how to do your own PR with incredible results from today on.       

handle business issues and crisis marketmyproduct

Handle Business Issues and Crisis

Issues and crisis happen, that’s just life and… business.  But are you as prepared as you possibly could be? Do you know how you should react if your business gets some bad PR? Reacting quickly and appropriately is the most important factor in protecting your brand, so take just a few minutes out of your day today, and ensure you are well equipped.   

develop creative marketing campaigns marketmyproduct

Develop Creative Marketing Campaigns

Creative marketing campaigns get your business noticed – fact.  In this online course, we show you how to develop marketing campaigns that make you shine in the marketplace and attract your ideal customers with very little effort.

business branding basics marketmyproduct

Business Branding Basics

·       Branding can be in a name, slogan, sign, symbol, service, or a combination of all of these elements. Branding can differentiate you from the competition, emotionally connect your target customers with your product and or service and create customer loyalty, in this online course; we show you how to build a brand that is magnetic.

seo basics marketmyproduct

SEO Basics

These days, if your website is not at the top of a Google search page, it isn’t getting seen! In this online course you will learn how to get your website to the top of Google and earn yourself tons of free traffic and potential customers. We will also teach you how improve your online credibility and authority. This one is not to be missed!    

measure your marketing success marketmyproduct

Measure Your Marketing Success

If you can’t measure something, you can’t understand it. If you can’t understand it, you can’t control it. If you can’t control it, you can’t improve it. In this online course, we show you how to create and use metrics for every single marketing activity that you ever undertake and how to have a clear view of ROI for your business.

social media marketing marketmyproduct

Social Media Marketing

There are 38 MILLION active social media users in the UK alone. Are you tapping in to the immense opportunity provided by the social web?

True success lies in a balanced approach to social listening, influencing, networking and selling. In this online course, our accredited social media expert shares all the tips you need to succeed.

create a marketing plan marketmyproduct

Create a Marketing Plan

Do you have a marketing strategy, but are unsure as to how that strategy should cascade down in to an actual tactical marketing plan? Annual marketing plans are essential. Without them, you are likely to waste money on activities that don’t support the specific strategic needs of your business. In this online course, we walk you through the marketing plan process step-by-step.

create customer profiles and journeys marketmyproduct

Create Customer Profiles and Journeys

Too many businesses are product rather than customer centric and as a result, they are growing at a much slower pace than is necessary. To succeed in business and in marketing, develop your marketing strategy around the people you serve, not the products or services you sell. In this online module we show you how.    

create a sales funnel marketmyproduct

Create a Sales Funnel

There are only three ways to grow a business: (1) acquire more customers,
(2) get existing customers to buy more frequently, (3) get existing customers to spend more. You can achieve all three by optimisng your sales funnel. Don't know how? Let us help. In this online course our certified sales funnel expert walks you through the process step-by-step.   

create a business identity marketmyproduct

Create a Business Identity

Did you know that the clearer your overall business identity is, the more likely your business is to survive and thrive? In order for your identity to be clear to your customers, it has to be unique, as well as consistently displayed in every aspect of your business. In this online course we show you how.

email marketing marketmyproduct

Email Marketing

66% of consumers have made a purchase online as a result of an email marketing campaign. And for every $1 spent on email marketing, the average ROI for a business is $44.25. In this online course, our accredited email marketing specialist shows you exactly how to successful implement email marketing strategies for your business to accelerate growth.

video marketing marketmyproduct

Video Marketing

80% of Internet users recall watching a video ad on a website they recently visited and of that 80%, 46% recall taking a specific action based on that content. Have you climbed on board the video marketing train yet? There’s tons of compelling evidence suggesting that you should. In this online course, we run you through everything you need to get started.

planning business website build marketmyproduct

Planning a Business Website Build

Very often we get asked to help business owners who know they need a website, but have no idea where to start in terms of making it happen – either by themselves, or by hiring a website developer. In this online course, we walk you through the website planning process, right from the very beginning to the stage at which website build begins. We’ll show you how to decide what the website should look like and what content should be on it.

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