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No matter where you are in business right now, marketing your business is tough.

You already know that marketing is a core skill that you or your team need, but the marketing world moves so quickly that you struggle to find the time to keep up. And even when you do focus on marketing, you’re left with a ton of options and no real clear direction for putting the right elements to work in your business.

I get it.

I’ve seen the owners of businesses (large and small) trying out all kinds of marketing tactics and services, only to end up realising they weren’t right for their business. The world of marketing can feel massively overwhelming and like a major uphill battle…

But it doesn’t have to be that way for you anymore.

Join me, learn life-long business growth skills, and create a profitable marketing masterplan for your business.

I’ll show you how to:

  • Make people fall in love with your brand
  • Increase the number of targeted visitors to your website
  • Turn those targeted visitors into leads and sales more consistently
  • Develop creative marketing campaigns that vastly improve your conversions
  • Know what to change to get the most leads and sales for the least money
  • Discover the tools you need to save time and automate specific parts of your marketing
  • Master platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram to drive engagement
  • Become a standout market industry leader   
  • Keep your customers coming back for more

And you’ll leave with your very own business growth masterplan constructed step-by-step with my guidance over 127 mini marketing lessons.

The Marketing Mastery Course Curriculum

The course includes X hours of teaching, accompanying PPT charts, worksheets for you to complete to build a personalised marketing masterplan and quizzes for you to test your knowledge.

Marketing Fundamentals

What is Marketing?

What is the Purpose of Marketing?

Understanding the Marketing Mix

Understanding Marketing Vocabulary

Why Effective Marketing is Onion-Like

The Importance of Proof of Concept

Creating a Magnetic Brand

What’s in a Brand?

Creating a Business Vision

Creating a Business Mission

Defining Your Business Values

Identifying Your Brand Purpose

Crafting Stakeholder Promises

Choosing Between a Niche and a Flexible Brand

Creating a Brand Heart

Creating a Brand Book (logo and visual branding components)

Creating Engaging Brand Experiences

Understanding Brand Effectiveness in Marketing

The Vital Role of Market Research

Why Market Research is Vital to Success

How to Conduct Valuable Market Research

Creating and Using Business Personas / Customer Avatars

Conducting a PESTLE Analysis for Your Business, Products and Services 

Conducting a 5-Force Analysis for Your Business, Products and Services 

Identifying Market and Customer Segments for Your Business, Products and Services

Creating Powerful Marketing Strategies

Why Marketing Strategy is Essential for Business Growth

How to Create a Powerful Marketing Strategy

Conducting a SWOT Analysis to Support Your Marketing Efforts

Identifying Business Critical Success Factors

Defining Strategic Imperatives for Your Business

Creating a Strategic Marketing Framework

Developing Effective Marketing Plans

How to Develop a Tactical Marketing Plan

The Importance of Integrated Marketing

How to Create a Marketing Calendar

How to Set Marketing Objectives and Goals

Becoming a Market Leader

How to Become a Market Leader

How to Shape the Market You Are In

Developing Smart Product Marketing Strategies

Understanding the New Product Development Process

Understanding Product Lifecycles

Articulating Your Product Features and Benefits

Positioning Your Product Effectively

Developing Your Pricing Model and Pricing Strategy

Understanding Price Elasticity and Price Sensitivity

Leveraging Go to Market and Market Expansion Strategies

Enabling Sales Teams in Support of Your Product Marketing

How to Develop a Product Marketing Plan

Content Marketing

What is Content Marketing?

How to Do Always-On Content

How to Do Content Planning

How to Develop Key Messages for Your Business, Products and Services

How to Create an Elevator Pitch

Good Copywriting Principles

Understanding Consumer Decision Making and the Buying Process

Using NLP Techniques in Your Marketing Content

Creating Creative Marketing Campaigns

How to Create an Enduring Creative Idea

How to Create Creative Marketing Campaigns   

How to Write a Creative Brief

How to Create Viral Marketing Campaigns

Deciding On Launch Strategies

Types of Marketing Channel

The PESO Marketing Framework

Digital Marketing

Introduction to Digital Marketing

How to Do Lead Generation

Understanding Traditional Retailing and Electronic Commerce

How to Implement Cart Abandonment Strategies

Paid Marketing Strategies

Principles for Working with Paid Media Channels

How to do Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

How to use Google Keywords

How to Create Google Ads

How to use Display Advertising

How to Use Traditional Advertising Channels

How to Create Advertorials

How to do Affiliate Marketing

Earned Marketing Strategies

Understanding How Public Relations Works 

Tips for Working with the Media

How to Write and Use Press Releases

How to Write and Use Features

How to Show Up at Trade Exhibitions

How to Leverage Industry Award Opportunities

How to Leverage Radio Opportunities

How to Leverage Speaking Opportunities

How to Create Viral Loops

How to Use Search Engine Optimisation

Shared Marketing Strategies

Principles for Working with Social Media

Facebook Marketing

YouTube Marketing

LinkedIn Marketing

X (Twitter) Marketing

Threads Marketing

Instagram Marketing

Pinterest Marketing

TikTok Marketing

SnapChat Marketing

Reddit Marketing

Messenger Marketing

Owned Marketing Strategies

Principles for Working with Owned Media Channels

Creating Core Business Materials

How to Design Your Website

How to Construct a Sales Page

How to Optimise Your Website and Conduct Website Analytics

How to Create and Use Case Studies in Your Marketing Campaigns

How to Do Email Marketing

Video Marketing Deep Dive

Introduction to Video Fundamentals

What is Video Marketing?

Why is Video Marketing a Good Idea?

Why Video Marketing Doesn’t have to Be Painful

Creating a Video Marketing Plan

What Great Video Looks Like

YouTube Tips

Creating Video Sales Letters

Useful Video Resources

Customer Retention and Loyalty

How to Run a Customer Centric Business

How to Use Sales Funnels

Understanding Customer Journey’s

How to Ensure Customer Retention and Loyalty

CRM Systems and Tools

Sustainability and Purpose Driven Marketing

The Role of Sustainability in Marketing

How to Do Purpose Driven Marketing

Ethical Marketing and Reputation Management 

Data Privacy and Ethical Marketing

How to Do Business Risk Assessments

Business Reputation Management

Effective Internal Communications 

Next Generation Marketing Trends

Embracing Digital Transformation


Influencer Marketing

Voice and Visual Search

Product Discovery

Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality

ChatGPT and AI

Performance Tracking

Choosing Performance Metrics Aligned with Marketing Goals

How to Do Performance Tracking on Your Marketing Campaigns

The Importance of Split Testing

Marketing Optimisation


Plus, there’s more …

In addition to the course content, you’ll get:

  • A certificate of completion validating extensive learning from one of the UK’s leading marketers.
  • Lifetime access to the course, which is housed on user-friendly e-learning platform, Thinkific.
  • Regular updates and enhancements to reflect the evolving landscape of marketing channels and strategies.
  • Email access to me for 6-months to answer any questions you have and help overcome any blocks to your progress and completion of your marketing masterplan.    

This is one of the few chances you’ll get to work with one of the UK’s top marketing and business growth professionals to develop your business marketing plan.

As the visionary behind Market My Product Ltd., I bring a wealth of business growth expertise to the table. With a distinguished track record as an award-winning global marketer, I’ve spearheaded successful campaigns across diverse markets, from London to New York. Having consulted for prestigious FTSE 250 firms and iconic brands like Coca-Cola, Johnson & Johnson, and Samsung, my insights are invaluable.

Learn more about me here

A full-day session with me typically costs £1,000. With X days of immersive teaching packed into this course, it’s true value therefore exceeds £120,000. But for a limited time, secure access for just £999 – a staggering 99.17% discount!

Say goodbye to information overload and hello to clarity, confidence, and RESULTS. Join me and countless other savvy business owners and leaders who are taking their businesses to the next level.


P.S. Your booking is fully protected by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are dissatisfied with the course content or experience, you have up to 7 days to request a full refund.

  • "I have been coached by Kelly for over 3 months now and I've made huge changes in my business! My revenue has increased by 25%, I've got a clearer strategy moving forward and I have someone who can give me instinctive no-nonsense advice on my marketing in our sessions together. Her video courses are great too and show me step-by-step how I can implement techniques and strategies into my business. Thanks so much, Kelly! Highly recommended."

    Alex Melia

    Swoosh English

  • "Before the summer I was having a wobble with barely any clients. I couldn’t work out what I was doing wrong (always difficult when it’s your own business). Fast forward 6 months and I am fully booked with work. I won 3 new clients yesterday and have no more time to take anyone else on…I feel like a different person. I have met SO many coaches, experts and consultants and spent quite a bit of money in the process. I would say that by far the most useful session (in terms of delivering tangible results) is the work I did with Kelly and Matt. Thank you both SO much!"

    Emmie Faust

    Female Founders Rise

  • "I thought I had a clear marketing strategy for my business. I thought I'd chosen appropriate channels to reach my ideal clients, and core messaging that would speak directly to them. I have a background in marketing and communications - I knew what I was doing, right?

A few minutes into my coaching day with marketing specialist and business growth coach, Kelly Ann Teasdale, I could plainly see that my strategy was flabby and unfocused and my tactical plan was in no shape to deliver on my business goals.

Thanks to the strength of Kelly's process, her massive experience and the super-productive (and fun) day we spent together, I know that my marketing strategy now has solid foundations and it's so much easier to deploy. 

Thank you, Kelly."

    Caroline Ferguson

    Organisational Mindset Specialist

  • "Words don’t seem enough to say how I feel about yesterday! You are truly a master of your craft. Your energy, your love, your hard work, your kindness and generosity and your ability to connect with me and our mission is such a gift. Thank you, thank you thank you."

    Vanessa Birt


  • "Kelly is a top quality professional and a fantastic team player. She can always be relied on to give her best and will not stop until the job is done to the highest of standards. She is great fun to work with and on a personal level is one of the most genuine people I have had the pleasure to meet."

    Paul Jones

    CEO, Vortex

  • "This woman changed my business – and my life!"

    Lina Bourdon

    City & Country Financial Services

  • "Kelly is a rare combination of fun, skill and imagination. My advice? Say yes to this vibrant intelligent approach and put yourself on the map."

    Helena Holrick

    Shine & Rise

  • "Wow this girl is smart. Smart, kind and the most genuine person you will ever meet. I feel ready to take on the world now!"

    Shelley Harris