Whether it's a marketing strategy, a marketing health-check, implementation of marketing campaigns, or just a chat with someone 'in the know' that you need, look no further than Market My Product. The team are renown for their friendly, no-nonsense and practical approach to marketing and have packages to accommodate all budgets. Get in touch to discuss your business needs with us today.



Most marketing agencies or consultants fall in to one of two categories - Brand Marketing or Direct Response Marketing.

Brand Marketers typically employ the traditional marketing techniques leveraged by large global marketing agencies and give special attention to brand creation, brand equity, marketing strategy and the delivery of advertising and PR campaigns. Direct Response Marketers on the other hand have developed their skills through Internet competency and whilst they often don’t have the same level of strategic expertise that traditional marketers have, they are much more Internet savvy.    

Market My Product houses both skills sets and the team fuses traditional brand marketing techniques with direct response marketing techniques in a manner that is not currently being delivered by other marketers.  


MMP Expert Network: Done For You

The issue with so many marketing agencies today is that they try to adopt a one-size fits all approach. The result? A watered down strategy with no tangible expertise in any key area.

MMP is different. We treat every client as an individual. We recognise that every single person and brand has a unique set of business needs, ambitions and gaps in their strategy that need to be filled. We recognise that one person cannot be all things to all people. This is where the Expert Network comes in.

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We Believe in the Best

Your relationship with MMP usually begins with a one on one consultation with Kelly, our director. During this meeting, we will establish the key areas where your brand could benefit from improved structure and strategy.

Every new MMP client will benefit from instant access to an expert team offering a fully integrated marketing strategy to cover all bases. But this is where it becomes more specialised.

Following your one-on-one, we will then refer you to your own dedicated account manager and the relevant member of our Expert Network.This ensures that every part of your tailored marketing plan is delivered by an expert.

Our team of superheroes each have their own special skills and in depth knowledge of a specific marketing skill. This includes Social Media, Content Marketing, Branding, Design and Customer Journeys. Everyone of our team is fully versed on the latest tips, tricks and trends for every marketing channel relevant to their expertise.

In order to create the most impactful marketing strategy, every part of your strategy must be the best. And that’s what we offer.