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Then come on over to The Marketing Hub! As part of my team of Elite Supermen and Wonder Women, you will have exclusive access to all the tools and expertise you need to market your business super sonic well.

I’ve used my own special powers to bring together a network of world-class industry superheroes to help educate you on marketing techniques and answer any questions you might have.

Here's what you get from
The Marketing Hub

Members Only Resource Library

Members of the Marketing Hub will have exclusive access to our members-only resources library. We update the library with fresh marketing tips, tools and downloads every month and ensure our elite team are in the know about the latest industry insider savvy and marketing techniques.

Live Webinars & Exclusive Workshops

We’ve got face-to-face action going on, too, with our very own Live Lounge offering live webinars every month and exclusive workshops covering the most relevant marketing issues and answering your most pressing business questions.

Interview with the Experts

Our Interviews with the Experts segment also offers more live action and adventure from our handpicked team of masterminds.

Unlimited Email Support

Yes, our elite membership package includes unlimited direct email access to all of our marketing experts, placing a wealth of marketing expertise at your fingertips daily!

Market My Product provides genuine and professional, support and service. The talented and qualified team have been committed to our project development from the early brief through to our website launch. With their range of marketing skills and experience across a range of business disciplines, we have been very impressed with their ability to deliver on time and within budget. Our thanks to all the team.

Stephen Arnold
Teach Me UK

With video, mobile, email, customer service and content marketing, social media, SEO, PR and crisis management just some of the services beamed out to our Marketing Hub members, it’s time to join us in the inner circle of knowledge and become your very own marketing superhero.

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A Little Bit About Our Team of Superheroes

Hi, I’m Kelly. I established Market My Product in 2016 as the 'go to' provider for SMEs in need of marketing consultancy and training. As an award-winning marketer in both online and offline, I have more than 15 years of experience working for big name brands and smaller business, including Coca-Cola, Johnson & Johnson and Samsung.

After completing a First Class Hons Degree and Masters in English Literature & Communication, as well as a Postgraduate Diploma in PR, I spent 13 years working for global marketing agencies in London, Paris, Brussels & New York.

I then moved in-house to manage global brand communications for AstraZeneca, before setting up Market My Product.

I have won a number of marketing industry awards, including Gold Quill, PR Week and Communiqué and I am also accredited in both Internet marketing and customer acquisition. I have a proven track record as both a global brand marketer for large corporations and an Internet marketer who has helped to accelerate the growth of SMEs.

kelly teasdale market my product

Of course, I couldn’t do such an uber job without my all-star squadron! Together, our team of superheroes delivers full service marketing support, training and coaching with a friendly, no-nonsense approach, and packages to accommodate all budgets. Our work and training fuses brand marketing and direct response techniques in a unique offering that is not being done by other marketers.

My sidekicks

Alex, our Websites, Sales Pages & Membership Site Superman:

Alex has been working with small business owners and entrepreneurs for years, offering advanced support in all aspects of digital and online marketing. He’s a website building whizz and his other super-strengths include sales funnels, SEO and the creation of irresistible landing pages. As your website development superstar, Alex will use his WordPress experience and digital marketing expertise to increase your web traffic, generate and increase online sales drawing on the many super-resources in his power-packed library.


Olivia, our Copywriting & Blog Management Mastermind:

Olivia is our super-powered content writer who brings a whole heap of creativity and more than a decade of experience producing content for high-end brands to the table. She crafts her wordy super-wisdom to reflect every brand’s unique personality through high-impact content, increasing sales and visibility. A qualified journalist, Olivia’s previous clients include leading fashion designers and luxury hotels. From blog posts and management to website content, product descriptions and e-newsletters, Olivia is your one-stop-super-shop for all things content.


Rachael, our Branding & Design Dreamweaver:

Rachael is the designer dream. Blessed with an innate ability to bring out the best in every brand through exquisite design, she’s already lent her creative savvy to some of the world’s leading innovators including McLaren, Agent Provocateur, Boden, Selfridges and Soap & Glory. Highly skilled in graphic design, web design and illustration with a super work ethic, Rachael will craft and hone your brand identity to perfection and realise every one of your design ambitions, however daring they might be.


Cody, our Google AdWords and Search Engine Optimisation Overlord

When you want your brand visibility to go through the roof, Cody is your man. His knowledge of Return on Investment is uber powerful and he prides himself on having helped many businesses of all shapes and sizes achieve a steady stream of targeted, measurable leads direct to their website. He is super-skilled at adapting every Pay-Per-Click strategy to each individual brand and positioning your brand as high as possible on search listings using his in-depth, up-to-the-minute knowledge of SEO.


Miles, our Customer Journey, Video Marketing & Product Creation Captain

Online strategy and tech super whiz Miles has spent the best part of 20 years building up brands into super powers and helping every client to growth hack their way to the top. After running digital agencies for 16 years, he launched his own business back in 2000. Miles’ knowledge of all things online is exquisite, whether it be software, web apps or web architecture. Miles crafts tailored online business models considering every website audience and what makes them tick, using his sales psychology qualification and advanced marketing savvy.


Charlotte, Our Multitasking Ninja/Virtual Assistant

Our multi-tasking ninja Char comes to us fresh from working as a super-powered PA for 15 years as the right-hand superwoman to top players in the PR, Advertising & Media world. Her super-talents cover pretty much anything you can think of, whether you're organising an event and need a hand with logistics or would just rather spend your time growing your business without having to deal with the never ending admin that comes with it. As the Robin to your Batman, Char is also more organised than the entire pack of Avengers and is ready and waiting to power through your to-do list. She is also super-smart and slightly besotted with organisation, so if you need someone to sort your life out, she's your power player!


For anyone that has a product or service to sell, this team comes highly recommended.

Rick McMunn
How To Become

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you just can’t wait to join the Membership Hub (and who could blame you?!), our team of masterminds are ready to welcome you with open arms. We will also welcome you with a promise of total peace of mind in the form of a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. We’re convinced that you’ll be a fully-fledged part of the elite super-squad in no time but our guarantee offers you 100% security should you feel anything less than super-confident in our abilities. If you wish to cancel your membership for any reason at any time in the first 30 days, we will issue you a refund with no questions asked. Boom!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I join the Membership Hub?

No superhero becomes all-powerful overnight. If you want your business to grow and flourish then you need to put in the legwork. Our Membership Hub will give you exclusive access to all the tools and expertise you need to slay your business marketing full force. Our super-turbo advice and support on topics including video, mobile, email, customer service and content marketing, social media, SEO, PR and crisis management is all designed to help you command the Savage Land of business success. If you want to make your business into a super-power, the Membership Hub will give all you need to make a successful, profitable site bursting with traffic.

What are the exclusive benefits of the Membership Hub?

You’ll have unlimited, direct email access to our expert panel of thunderbirds with the opportunity to ask any questions or assuage any concerns you have about building, growing and marketing your business. Live webinars and workshops are held every month to keep our members in the know about all the latest apocalyptic developments in the marketing arena.

Our resources library is available 24 hours a day where you can utilise practical marketing tools, guidelines, checklists and infographics as well as actionable tips on all the latest marketing techniques. More super-salient and detailed advice comes courtesy of our popular Business Bundles. Every bundle is themed around the most pressing issues for any entrepreneur, including how to create a brilliant website and offer a tailored customer experience, as well as advice on how to champion sales success, blog management and idea generation, branding, new business growth, pitching, business model design, digital marketing and finance. Boom!

You’ll also be part of an ambitious and motivated superhero community, both on the Membership Hub and on our private Facebook group. Made up of ambitious and motivated warriors, every member will help to spur you on every step of the way. Our ideas and updates are designed to be fun and inspirational as well as informative, offering a real team feel where you will be striding side by side with other entrepreneurial superheroes on their own commanding mission.

I’m at the very beginning of planning my business. Is the Membership Hub right for me?

Absolutely! The Membership Hub is designed for entrepreneurs and SMEs at all levels of business planning and implementation. Our resources, support and advice range from the super-basic to the extremely advanced in order to help every member nail their business ambitions. If you’re on the brink of turning your ideas into reality, we’ll be by your side to transform your plans into something phenomenal with training and advice at every step. Our Community spaces also give a great way for you to take your own time and interact with other business daredevils.

How often will the Hub be updated with fresh content?

We update the resources library every week with information and advice on all the latest marketing developments and techniques. Live webinars, workshops and Q&As take place every month with super-charged ideas and debate to ignite your ambition.

What types of experts feature in your webinars and Q&As?

Our experts have all walked in your shoes. They’ve learnt their savvy and honed their expertise over years of developing successful business and working with the best marketers and brands out there. Your personal guardians include sales superstars, marketing masterminds, customer experience champions, website whiz kids, blogging brainiacs and even sales psychologists.

Will I have the chance to ask questions and get personal support and advice on my business plans?

Indeed! With unlimited direct email access to our team of avengers, you can ask any question and assuage any concern with the guarantee of supportive, informed and timely feedback and advice. There’s plenty of extra time to ask questions at our live Q&As plus our dedicated community spaces and forums offer the chance to interact with fellow super entrepreneurs and gain input from a whole range of fresh, innovative sources.

What happens if I change my mind and want to cancel my membership?

We’re pretty confident that once you’re part of all our-star-squadron you’ll never want to leave – but we have put super flexible plans in place should you decide to leave the mission. Our 30-day guarantee means you can cancel your membership at any time in the first 30 days with no questions asked and a refund issued. After the 30 days are up, you simply follow our super-speedy process to cancel your membership (it takes just two minutes).

We also understand that life sometimes gets in the way of business development and that timing is everything. That’s why we also offer the option to pause membership and come back to us when you’re ready whether that be a few days, a few weeks or a few months down the line.

If I cancel my membership, can I still access content published on the Membership Hub during my membership?

Unfortunately not. We like to keep our super community packed with those focused on their mission, which is why only current members can access the exclusive content and resources within the Hub.

If we haven’t covered any of your pressing questions or you’d simply like some more advice on all things Membership Hub, drop us an email at info@marketmyproduct.co.uk and we'll help you out.

Get Instant Access to THE MARKETING HUB

If you're ready to take your marketing powers to the next level, simply choose your payment option below and click the button to join us...

Monthly Membership

Only £24.99 per month

Recurring payment - you can easily cancel at any time

30 day money back guarantee

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Annual Membership

Only £199 per year

Save £100!

30 day money back guarantee

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